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Venice Tree Trimming

Venice Tree Trimming Sarasota Tree Service is a licensed and insured company that can provide Venice tree trimming to keep your trees healthy and prevent safety hazards in your property. Email us or call to get a free quote and learn more about proper and improper tree trimming techniques on our website today.  

Tree trimming can be very technical work, but not impossible if you know how to properly deal with stubborn branches. With the right pruning techniques in mind, you can take care of your tree at least until your next professional Venice tree trimming session. Here are some pruning techniques you should keep in mind when doing your own tree care:
Always look for the branch collar (that which branches out from the stem tissue at the base of the branch) and the branch ridge (upper surface parallel to the branch angle) before making any cuts.
Be careful not to injure or wound the branch collar and cut outside the bark ridge while angling it down and away from the stem to avoid scarring the branch. Us this technique regardless if you are pruning living or dead branches.
Use a three-cut technique when cutting stems that are too long. This will help you get a cleaner cut and keep you from damaging branches from the weight of the long stem.
Tree trimming should be a regular maintenance requirement to keep your tree in its best shape. For professional Venice tree trimming services, choose only the best company to take care of your backyard ornament. Sarasota Tree Service is a sought after tree care service provider that offers nearly 4 decades of field experience. The company has all the proper certifications, expertise, tools, and techniques to give you the best service possible. Sarasota Tree Service specializes in tree pruning, trimming, dangerous removals, tree feeding, as well as stump grinding and large tree management.
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